Incredible Benefits of Daily Push-Ups for 90 Days: Muscle, Mind, and More!

In This article I’m Going to Show You the Incredible Benefits of Doing Push-Ups for 90 Days. There are amazing benefits that completely changed my body, but also some cons that I wasn’t expecting, which I will touch on later.

The push-up is one of the best and most straightforward exercises to develop your upper body. It targets multiple muscle groups for starters, and when done daily, apart from increased strength, one can experience a variety of other benefits.

Do daily push-ups help with preventing bone loss? Are they good for weight loss? Stay tuned until the end and I’ll share with you my favorite push-up variations when it comes to maximizing the power of push-ups!

Increased Muscle Strength and Size

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If there’s one thing that everybody knows about push-ups, it’s the fact that they develop upper body strength. When you do push-ups regularly, it isn’t just your chest that benefits from it, but also your triceps, shoulders, core, and wing muscles.

Although a push-up may seem like a simple movement, this exercise requires great stability and control as you lower your body toward the ground. Multiple muscle groups in your body, specifically the upper body parts, work hard as a unit to keep your body in alignment.

Moreover, your functional strength also sees an increase as you keep doing push-ups, which refers to your performance and activities that require upper body strength such as swimming, climbing, and pressing movements.

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Additionally, push-ups help increase the size of the muscle in various body parts, therefore whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete adding push-ups to your workout program is sure to bring you a step or two closer to your fitness goals.

Promotes a Stronger Core

We’ve already established that push-ups are associated with upper body strength, what some don’t know is that this movement is also an effective core exercise. When doing a push-up, it’s essential to have stable and strong control throughout the torso.

Without this, your front side would drop to the floor, and to build that type of hold, it’s necessary to engage all the core muscles, including the transverse abdominis, the often-overlooked part of the core. So yes, the more push-ups you do, the stronger your core becomes, provided of course that you’re doing it the right way and form.

Builds Stronger Bones and Improves Posture

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Much like muscle mass, bone mass declines as we age. This is where the bone-building effects of push-ups come in. A part of the aging process is a decrease in bone mass density. According to research, bodyweight exercises like push-ups can help curb your body’s natural inclination toward bone loss.

In fact, resistance training can also encourage the development of new bone, and push-ups are also considered a resistance type of exercise. Simply put, it’s as effective as any other strength training or weight lifting program, so if you’re looking for a way to strengthen and build your bones, look no further than daily push-ups.

Are you also looking for a way to shed some pounds?

Something else I noticed was an improved posture and boost in my flexibility. Doing push-ups every day can improve your flexibility since it involves stretching the back muscles as your body gets lower to the floor.

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Likewise, lifting your body weight causes your back muscles to get stretched. Such movements are the key to enhancing your body’s flexibility. When it comes to posture, push-ups also play a role. The effects are even more fulfilled by individuals who spend the majority of their time sitting or have a sedentary lifestyle.

This is because push-ups are active and strengthen your core, a vital factor in having a better posture. Lastly, improved balance is another benefit of doing push-ups daily for 90 days due to the control you gain over time from this move. Your balance improves by chance.

The Downside of Daily Push-Ups: What to Watch Out For Before You Begin Your 90-Day Challenge

While the benefits of push-ups are numerous and undeniable, it’s important to approach any exercise routine with a balanced perspective. Doing push-ups every day for 90 days can bring amazing results, but there are also potential downsides to consider. Let’s explore these drawbacks so you can make an informed decision and maximize the safety and effectiveness of your challenge.

Risk of Overuse Injuries:

Repetitive strain on the same muscles and joints can lead to overuse injuries, especially if proper form is compromised. Doing daily push-ups puts constant stress on your shoulders, wrists, and elbows. Listen to your body, and take rest days when needed. If you experience pain, don’t ignore it – modify your routine or seek professional guidance.

Reaching a Fitness Plateau:

Muscles adapt to stress, and if you perform the same exercise consistently, they can plateau, meaning they stop developing as quickly. While push-ups offer a variety of variations, consider incorporating other exercises into your routine to keep challenging your muscles and prevent stagnation.

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Neglecting Other Muscle Groups:

Push-ups are fantastic for the upper body, but they don’t engage your entire body. Focusing solely on push-ups can lead to muscular imbalances and potential posture problems. Ensure you have a well-rounded workout plan that includes exercises for your lower body, core, and back muscles.

Improper Form and Increased Risk of Injury:

Maintaining proper form is crucial to reap the benefits of push-ups and avoid injury. If you are a beginner, start with modified versions like wall push-ups or knee push-ups. Seek guidance from a trainer or physical therapist to ensure you’re performing the exercise correctly.

Potential for Back Pain:

Push-ups, when done incorrectly, can strain your lower back muscles, leading to pain and discomfort. Ensure you keep your core engaged throughout the movement to maintain a neutral spine and prevent unnecessary stress on your back.


  • Listen to your body: Take rest days, modify exercises when needed, and don’t push through pain.
  • Warm-up and cool down: Prepare your muscles and joints before and after your workout.
  • Prioritize form: Seek guidance and ensure proper technique to maximize benefits and minimize risks.
  • Incorporate variety: Combine push-ups with other exercises for a well-rounded workout program.
  • Don’t neglect other muscle groups: Maintain a balanced fitness routine that targets your entire body.

By acknowledging these potential downsides and taking necessary precautions, you can approach your 90-day push-up challenge with confidence and reap the amazing benefits this exercise offers while minimizing the risks. Remember, consistency and form are key to achieving your fitness goals safely and effectively.

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