Tesla app accidentally unlocks and starts the wrong Tesla Model 3

Imagine taking your key out of your pocket, pushing the button and getting into your Tesla only to realize a few minutes later that everything in your car is slightly off. The radio station is different, your Burger King cup is gone and it smells weird. Well, we can’t say that’s exactly what happened, but something similar happened to a man in Vancouver who accidentally opened someone else’s Tesla Model 3, thinking it was his and drove away.

A blue Tesla Model 3 EV uses AWD to cross a wet road.
Model 3 | tesla

How can you unlock someone else’s Tesla Model 3?

Isn’t it strange to walk up to a car similar to the one you drive and go to the door only to find that it won’t unlock. Until this story, I didn’t think much about it, but it should happen a lot more often to Tesla drivers. There are so few colors and trim options that most Teslas look like someone else’s Tesla.

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