Watch: Your Tesla Model 3 upside down on 115-inch wheels for today

Yep, these YouTubers are up to weird things about cars. Maybe we’re suckers for covering up its shenanigans, but we can’t resist a ridiculous premise and the resulting shenanigans. See the Tesla Model 3 upside down on 115-inch stagecoach wheels. No, there is no rhyme or reason to it other than as a spectacle. But it’s functional. Or at least it was until the end of the video.

Why did YouTuber make Tesla upside down?

Tesla upside down
YouTube upside down Tesla Model 3 | YouTube

YouTuber “WhistlinDiesel” offers quite inane videos because YouTube. We expect that most, if not all, WhistlinDiesel videos are fake, staged, whatever you want to call it. Many similar car shenanigans are too, but did you know that. It’s all about views, likes and shares, which can lead to Benjamins. In a not very similar vein, that’s what MotorBiscuit does, except for the fake, staged, etc. parts.

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