Lexus transforms Tesla with its new fork steering wheel

As the electric car segment expands, the battle is heating up between iconic brands like Lexus and Tesla. Lexus recently revealed the 100% electric crossover RZ 450e that is ready to face competitors like the Tesla Model Y, not only in terms of electric propulsion, but also in terms of equipment. One part in particular – the stick’s steering wheel – has been a huge point of contention among automotive critics, as Lexus seems to have it right.

tesla yoke steering wheel
The joystick steering wheel in a Tesla. | Getty Images

What is a fork steering wheel?

Lexus fork steering wheel
Lexus RZ 450e steering wheel | Getty Images

A steering wheel is a U-shaped steering wheel with two hand grips connected to a hub. It is most commonly used in aviation, where a pilot can make small right-left steering inputs in addition to forward inputs (push and pull) to steer a plane in different directions through the air. However, in a car, this doesn’t make much sense, as turns are easier to take on a round steering wheel.

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